About the INSPIRED Study

Improving Service Delivery for Younger Onset Memory and Related Disorders

image - About the INSPIRED StudyThe INSPIRED Study is the first comprehensive study on younger onset dementia (YOD) in Australia. Since most people who develop memory and related disorders are older, the needs of people developing these conditions at a younger age are not well understood. This study looks at people who experience memory, language and/or behaviour change before age 65.

The study is comprised of three parts:

(1) Prevalence Survey:  how many people are affected, and how do their experiences differ?

First, the study aims to compile an accurate picture of the number of people that have these disorders, and of the different types of these disorders. We hope that this information will help policy makers and service providers identify key priority areas, and to work with this population more effectively.  The collection of prevalence data is now complete.  

(2) Interviews, focus groups and other opportunities: what are the needs of patients and their carers?

Second, we are conducting interviews, focus groups and other research with people living with younger onset memory and related disorders, their carers/supporters, and health and service providers. This information will help us identify the health and support service needs of this population, and will inform the development of training packages for health professionals working with these clients. 

(3) Risk factors project: What causes younger onset memory and related disorders?

The final phase of the INSPIRED study is the Risk Factors Project. We are comparing the lifestyle and medical history of people WITH and WITHOUT younger onset memory and related disorders, in an effort to understand what causes these disorders in early life.

The INSPIRED study, led by Chief Investigators Professor Brian Draper and Dr Adrienne Withall from the Dementia Collaborative Research Centre at the University of New South Wales, brings together the expertise of a collaborative team with diverse experience working with people with younger onset memory and related disorders.  Click here to meet the study investigators and research team. 

Want to participate?

  • Recruitment for the INSPIRED Study is now closed. We are so grateful to all of those who took part in the INSPIRED study, particularly people with dementia and their supporters.

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Click here to learn more about younger onset memory and related disorders.

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The INSPIRED Study is conducted in cooperation with the Dementia Collaborative Research Centre at the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney, hospitals in South East Sydney and Illawarra Local Health Districts, HammondCare and Alzheimer’s Australia (NSW).

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